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Kitchen Technology Innovations, A national online distributor of Food Service Technology Products. Product lines include Integrated Control Corp & Zebra Technologies.

Kitchen Technology Innovations is a growing distribution company dedicated to providing the most reliable yet cost effective products on the market to the food service industry.

KTI is focused on providing products for Food Safety & HACCP, Hygiene, and Product Management.

KTI understands operating in the food service is very costly - every cent matters to your bottom line. Our on-staff engineers and quality managers continue to research the best manufacturers by field testing products with our trusted food service partners. After approved, we invest in distribution and provide the best possible price to our customers.

Growing FDA and State regulations have made food safety more strict every year for all Restaurant Owners. We've brought Integrated Control Corp to our product offerings, who offer the best Food Safety Systems at a great price. We're the exclusive distributor of ICC's products.

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We're proud to be one of the biggest Zebra distributors in the New York Area. Feel free to call us today to get your favorite Zebra Products.

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The Future:

We will continue to adding more to our online store and expand our product offerings in the near future. If your a new customer, here is a link to our online store

If you're a current customer, feel free to email sales with suggestions for product offerings in the future.





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