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Temp Minder™

Temp Minder™

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Temp Minder™ is a system that continuously monitors the temperatures of Walk-in and Reach-In Freezers and Coolers and hot holding cabinets.

The Temp Minder™ consists of wireless temperature probes that transmit temperature data to a display unit. The display unit collects and displays the temperature data and sends the temperature data to the Temp Minder Online website via a broadband internet connection. Each probe can be programmed with high and low alarm limits and delay times. When the temperature goes out of range for the length of the delay time an audible alarm will sound on the display control device. Additionally, off site temperature alerts are sent via email, text message and/or automated voice messages.

Graphs and temperature reports can be viewed for any period of time on the website. The data is saved for two years. Repeaters are added to allow for signals to be transmitted over longer distances. A PC is not required on site to collect data.

Door open sensors, remote probes and humidity sensors are also available.

Hold ‘n’ Temp™ – Cook ‘n’ Chill™

This line of probe products can provide continuous “real time” monitoring for all cooking/cooling and reheating process. Data collection and reporting would function exactly as Temp Minder for consistency in training and operations. This will also permit timely review and corrective action support processes.

Temp Minder™ will assure you that the temperatures recorded are 100% accurate. Additionally, valuable time will be saved and your staff can use this time to perform other important tasks in the day to day operation of your restaurant. An example for time saved, if there are 6 refrigeration units and it takes 5 minutes to take and record the temperature in each unit. It takes a total of 30 minutes to record temperatures. If temperatures are recorded 3 times a day, you can save an hour and a half per day in labor!

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